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Save this - Insane Back Workout Alert!

Back and biceps are FUCKED following an insane back workout that was lead by my longtime friend IFBB Pro @Hidetada Yamagishi .

Following several heavy sets of supported bent over rows, we went into 16 exercises back-to-back for 10 reps each (160 reps per set).

This is what it looked like:

Supported bent over rows 5x10 triple drop sets

Then the following circuit back-to back 10 reps for 3 circuits. 5 minutes rest between each circuit

T-Bar Rows
High hammer rows
Unilateral hammer rows
Low hammer rows
Reverse grip smith machine rows
Lat pulldowns behind the neck
Lat pulldowns in front
Supported seated wide grip rows
Seated neutral grip rows
Straight arm rope pulldowns
Lying overhead rows
Close grip pulldowns
Straight arm pulldowns
Close grip cable rows

We filmed this brutality.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see the full workout in video format ⬇️
Thanks for the invite, @joeino_ifbb , nothing better than a crazy workout shortly after touchdown - you’re the man!!
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