NASAのインスタグラム(nasagoddard) - 11月9日 07時37分

On November 11th, planet Mercury will transit the Sun. Transits happen when an object moves in front of the star that it's orbiting — in Mercury's case, this occurs only 13 or 14 times a century!
If you want to view the transit of Mercury, watch our near-live satellite feed at, or NASA scientist Alex Young has a few tips!
It's never safe to look directly at the Sun, so make sure to use safe solar viewing glasses if you're watching outside. You can also use a specialized solar telescope or solar viewing binoculars — never a regular telescope or binoculars. It is NOT safe to use solar viewing glasses in combination with a telescope or binoculars. More safety tips and methods for safe solar viewing at For more information, visit:

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