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Haus of horror. “Halloween is a time of embracing all things different, embracing free expression, creativity, festivity and a lack of seriousness that I like to showcase in my life and art every day,” says Kane Lee (@fakehauswives).⁣

“My artwork is made up of semi-realistic cartoonish characters that I imagine live in their own world,” says the 17-year-old artist, who was inspired to create these pieces by the makeup art of @madroni_redclock and @zah. “By each character taking on their own individual traits, I think it gives the viewer the ability to imagine a setting each character would belong in.”⁣

#ThisWeekOnInstagram show us how you express yourself through the things you love. 🎃⁣

Please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #ThisWeekOnInstagram hashtag. Any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured.⁣⁣

Photos by @fakehauswives

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