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Ladakh, India. DISCLAIMER: Eyerolling emo deep thoughts to follow. Proceed with caution. // I love portraiture above all forms of photography. We are such an amazing creature. We are both creative and destructive, kind and vicious, powerful and meek, beautiful and ugly. It's my belief however that the majority of us dont live in those binary arenas. Very few people are truly good or bad, black or white...rather, we are infinite shades of grey depending on the day, the hour, the minute...even the second. Thinking of ourselves in binary terms is an attempt at comfort which is an injustice that robs us of our unique complexities. And while I've found that all of us embody a multitude of different shades at any given moment, we are all pretty similar as well. For me, photography has often been a way to seize upon perceived differences in order to expose our overarching similarities as a human family and hopefully bring us closer together. Too see one another completely is to see ourselves, regardless of where we were born, the color of our skin, our gender, what language we speak, or which god we pray to. And while there is unspeakable evil in the world, the power of said darkness pales in comparison to the power we achieve when we see ourselves as a whole and constantly unfolding. Shot #onassignment for #natgeo #portrait #culture #travel #photography #portraitphotography #emo

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