Meet Buster. You have never seen him on my posts because he is our family dog that lived with my parents. Today this gentle giant crossed over to puppy heaven. I couldn't face writing a Pumpkin post today without acknowledging him. We found Buster and his siblings on a rainy day while my mum was driving my brother and I home. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a mother dog that was clearly nursing puppies, she swerved around and sure enough we spotted the litter of four dashing accross the busy street, soaking wet, looking for shelter in the mangroves. My brother and I dashed into the rain to get them one by one, Buster being the final pup we rescued. On our way to the vet he sat in my brothers lap so content and clearly happy to be out of the cold rain. After they had their shots we took them home and began our mission to find these happy little things their forever homes! Buster was the last puppy left and like most foster situations, he stayed. Forever in my parents home, the beautiful gentle giant that he was. He adored my brothers, even after not seeing my other brother for two years while he lived in Australia he remembered him and nearly knocked him over when he returned. My brother, dad, and mum were with him when he moved on. I am glad he is finally in no more pain after bravely battling bone cancer. We love our giant potcake and will miss him so much. My parents home will not seem the same without him. Remember that rescues are truly the best and when looking for a new member of your family please consider visiting your local shelter! There are so many dogs like Buster that need your love. Sorry for trh very sad post, but he was such a loved dog. We love you Busty Bear. Love Team Pumps xox 🎃❤️🐶